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Lease terms

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Good lease terms will allow you to choose when you decide to comply with repair and/or dilapidations obligations.

This should be negotiated before the lease is signed, but the situation is not irretrievable. For example:

  • Can your landlord force you to comply with repair obligations detailed in your lease – or can you choose when you want/can comply with the landlord’s request
  • Did you agree to any amendments, during the lease negotiation stage, which would allow you to negotiate relief to any repairs
  • Are there any onerous conditions to opting for a ‘lease break’ should you choose to – such as those related to repair, redecoration and/or refurbishment of the premises, or any associated financial penalties

Appointing a Dilapidations specialist to represent you will give you the greatest chances of negotiating favourable terms and minimise the cost and extent of the landlord’s claims.

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