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Exiting is easy when you know how

Our Disposal experts have the experience, the market intelligence and the negotiation skills to plan and execute the best exit strategy for you.

We are skilled in:

  • Securing the right price: combining accurate market intel with robust financial modelling allows us to optimise your pricing and positioning options
  • Minimising your costs: being a multi-disciplinary team, we ensure that the hidden costs of moving - such as dilapidations and lease end obligations - are robustly negotiated and equitable
  • Managing the process: once appointed, we conduct the negotiations and work with your legal and financial teams/advisors to ensure deadlines are always met - enabling you to focus on your day job
  • Marketing your property: our extensive market contacts and proven on/offline marketing capability will ensure your property reaches qualified prospects - quickly

Finding ‘your’ perfect property: wherever you decide to move to, we will find the optimum combination of location, costs, premises size and office design.

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