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Whether sub-letting all or part of your property, we can help you.

Our skill lies in:

  • Sub-letting in part – if your lease allows you to
  • Determining a realistic rental value
  • Marketing the space – whilst complying with legislation
  • Helping you decide which facilities you could include in the ‘package’ – free broadband, use of meeting rooms, staff cafe and access to shower/gym facilities - if you’re lucky enough to have them
  • Defining what the right tenant criteria should be – finding them, checking their financial credentials and assessing their references

Subletting is as much about creating the right property, as it is a cost reduction strategy.

When the decision to sub-let has been made, we will manage the whole process – from securing the landlord’s consent, to finding the right tenant, checking their covenant strength and liaising with your legal team/s.

We’ll do it, so you don’t have to.

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