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Critical reports in disrepair disputes

Providing accurate informed advice on disrepair matters in the built environment is what our experienced team of Building Surveyor Experts does best.

Our team has a proven reputation for identifying and pricing building fabric related solutions to issues such as:

  • Dilapidations within a property
  • The quality of building work
  • The accuracy of building costs submitted to clients
  • Building Surveys
  • Assessing the efficacy of technical (development and refurbishment) specifications.

Expert Witness Reports, prepared by the team, are used in court, tribunal, arbitration, or alternative dispute resolution cases.

We know that it is preferable to resolve disputes quickly and at a cost which is proportionate to the dispute, rather than embark on an expensive and lengthy court action. This is why we focus on preparing Expert Reports which are accurate, well informed and produced in a timely manner.

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