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Understanding the law and local sensitivities

Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) are a legal mechanism by which Acquiring Authorities (such as public authorities and certain organisations) can acquire land without the consent of the owner.

This is usually used to facilitate the development of a public site or highway, or for regeneration and/or infrastructure projects – deemed to result in social, economic and environmental wellbeing benefits for the local and wider communities.

Our team of CPO Expert Witnesses has advised both Acquiring Authorities, as well as affected property/land owners and occupiers who are entitled to compensation for any loss suffered as a result of a CPO or a Development Consent Order*(DCO).

The Team’s combination of confidentiality, technical knowledge, efficient and timely delivery, as well as understanding of local market sensitivities underpins the service we offer our CPO clients.

*Usually used to promote national infrastructure projects such as major road schemes, pipelines and rail developments

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