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Expert Report

Compelling facts simply told

The Expert Reports we prepare are used to inform a court or tribunal on property matters, in order to help it reach the right decision and resolve a dispute.

It can also be used to inform an instructing party and their lawyers on a technical matter related to a property asset and/or property portfolio. 

Expert Reports are designed to help determine the strength of a legal case. Often, both parties appoint their own Expert Witness, who each compile an Expert Report. In this instance, both reports are used to help resolve a dispute.

The Report comprises:

  • A concise statement of the facts
  • An outline of the assumptions the Expert has used to determine his/her opinion
  • A logical narrative which outlines the rationale which led to the Expert’s conclusions
  • Technical information communicated simply (ie devoid of acronyms and jargon), to allow an intelligent lay person to understand the facts and the conclusions
  • A summary of instructions received

As the Expert Report can be considered evidence in a court of law, it has to comply with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) Part 35. 

In addition, as the Expert Witness’s overriding duty is to the court, the Report must include (validated) data, information and opinion even if it may have an adverse impact on the case of the party for whom it has been prepared.

The Report is a comprehensive summation of the Expert Witness’s independent professional opinion.

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