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A proven track record is critical

Our team of experienced property specialists are uniquely qualified to present their independent expert opinions at arbitrations, tribunals and in a court of law.

Our Expert Witness team has considerable experience of providing courts and tribunals with informed and impartial opinion on the property related aspects of a dispute. 

Unlike an Expert Adviser (who is normally appointed by a party to assist in the formulation and preparation of a party’s claim or defence), our team of Expert Witnesses know that their duty is to the Court and not to clients who appoint them.

The Team has a proven track record of working closely with legal teams whether they are:

  • Providing initial advice/counsel
  • Helping develop/refine a resolution strategy
  • Appearing in court
  • Providing mediation services
  • Providing a report which complies with CPR* Part 35

Its experience and expertise is often the difference between the success or failure of a claim.

*Civil Procedure Rules

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