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Why us

Every member of our Expert Witness team is RICS qualified and the team also includes RICS Registered Valuers.

Underpinning our Expert Witness capability are six core principles:

Our extensive local market knowledge is underpinned by a deep understanding of national sector trends.

We have a clear understanding of the role of an Expert Witness, as well as our professional obligations within the civil justice system. 

That is why we stringently adhere to deeply held commitment to impartiality and not being influenced by those instructing or paying us to provide evidence.

As an Expert Witness actively involved in a dispute, our primary duty is not to a client but to the court or tribunal. Our conduct and reporting must therefore be seen to be independent and unbiased.

Our dedicated Expert Witness Team has a proven track record and is highly respected for its preparation of Expert Reports, used in courts and tribunal proceedings.

Being acutely aware of the stresses and sensibilities which inevitably arise during matrimonial disputes and divorces, we act quickly and with discretion when fact finding, compiling and finalising our reports.

Our clear, accurate and validated Expert Reports are produced in a timely manner and always well within the timeframe of the brief.

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