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Lease extension

If you do not want to move

If your lease is Inside the Act, you have a statutory right to extend the term of your lease. This will remove one financial headache.

Your lease will only end if the termination provisions within Part II of ‘The Act’ have been followed.

Therefore when your lease expires, apart from the rent, you will be able to renew your lease on the same terms as specified in the original contract, until either you or your landlord wishes to terminate the tenancy.

If you serve the landlord with a Section 26 Notice* – between 6-12 months before the lease expires – you can choose to negotiate on the terms of a new lease.

However, the landlord could serve you with a Section 25 Notice* in order to terminate the lease, or trigger negotiations about new terms.

In either instance, we strongly recommend seeking professional advice to ensure you are fully aware of your legal rights, your negotiating position and that your relationship with your landlord remains equitable and is not compromised.

*See the legal bit for definitions

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