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BNG opportunities
for landowners

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) represents potential new income streams for landowners and farmers (BNG providers).

Recent legislative changes have created a new market for Biodiversity offsetting. This provides an opportunity for farmers to be paid for the enhancement and long-term management of land, to deliver improved habitat outcomes. Developers seeking to mitigate and compensate for the impact of their developments on the environment will be a source of funding. Payment will be made in exchange for the measured environmental enhancement delivered.

In addition to the regulatory need created via the planning system, demand for biodiversity offsetting is expected to emerge from organisations voluntarily seeking to report on and compensate for their biodiversity impact. For example the Task Force on Nature Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD) is gaining traction and helps financial institutions and organisations incorporate nature-related opportunities into their strategic planning, risk management and asset allocation decisions.

However, it is important to understand that biodiversity offset contracts will be long term contracts which will include legally binding clauses related to associated costs and liabilities - so should not be entered into without proper consideration and advice.

Our BNG experts can help anyone interested in becoming offset provider. They:

  • Understand the policy landscape and market for offsets
  • Appraise the opportunity for offsetting on their land and the various approaches to developing offsets
  • Assess the impact of potential schemes on the existing business
  • Assemble, appraise and market offset projects
  • Negotiate and review offset proposals, agreements and sales

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