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Maximise flexibility

Your workplace is not just a place to work, or just a shop window for your brand and your corporate culture.

It has to be functional. It has to be dynamic. It has to grow as your business grows and allow you to ‘right size’ when necessary. That is why the inherent flexibility of your lease is so key to your operation.

Knowing how to read a lease and understand where the handcuffs are and where the potential open doors could be is a skill – a skill we have honed over 150 years of advising clients on lease-related issues.

We can advise you about lease breaks, early exits, whether you can or cannot sub-let – in short, how to ‘sweat’ your lease to achieve your strategic and financial goals.

We will know what your potential exit liabilities are and our team will provide you with a cost for these – allowing you to make informed decisions and budget accurately.

A lease need not be a straitjacket, we can help you negotiate a route map to achieve your goals

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