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Contract administration

The Contract Administrator's (CA) responsibilities include managing the construction contract and acting as the lead consultant on smaller projects.

We are also involved in designing, specifying and procuring the works.

The Contract Administrator’s role also encompasses:

  •   Developing the client brief
  • Inspecting the building and preparing a schedule of works - including collating existing and proposed design drawings
  • Advising on appropriate procurement methods and contractors' recommendations for tendering
  • Obtaining, evaluating and reporting on tenders
  • Organising and chairing regular site meetings
  • Monitoring works on site - against the contract programme
  • Providing our client with regular progress reports – the frequency of which are agreed at the outset
  • Instructing variations to the scope of works and assessing any time/cost implications
  • Evaluation and certification of interim payments to the building contractor
  • Certifying satisfactory completion of works in accordance with the building contract
  • Settling the final adjusted contract sum, including any liquid and ascertained damages

On larger or more complex projects, where supplementary specialist design roles may be undertaken by an architect, structural engineer or services consultant, the CA performs the role of lead consultant. 

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