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Dilapidations - occupiers

Our occupier clients seek our advice before, during and at the end of a lease.

Dilapidations are:

"... a damages payment to a landlord for the repair and 'making good' defects which have occurred during a tenant's occupation - either during or at the end of a tenancy or lease."

This allows them to make informed financial and strategic decisions based on accurate assessments of their potential Dilapidations liabilities. 

Where cost effective to do so, we help manage a scheme of works to offset a liability - our costs are inevitably lower than those proposed by the landlord.

Our services for occupiers include:

  • Preparation of Dilapidations Liability Assessments – which helps financial planning/forecasting
  • Defence of served Dilapidations claims
  • The procurement and management of all required Dilapidations works 
  • Advice on the strategic exit from premises

Our experienced Dilapidations Team always adheres to RICS guidelines, the statutory requirements of The Dilapidations Protocol and the legal stipulations set out in case law evidence.

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