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Case study

We have travelled the same journey as you

An ‘end of lease’ and COVID related workplace restrictions forced us to review our occupational strategy and consider all our options.

the result

After reviewing all the (costed) new space options, we decided to:

  • Close one office (we had two in the same city)
  • Dedicate the other office to a ‘desk only’ workplace (which allowed us to introduce physical distancing at work during the pandemic)
  • Introduced a ‘pre-booked shared desk’ policy which
    • Optimised desk utilization
    • Eliminated all paper and other items from desks (minimising cross-contamination)
  • Identified a Serviced Office (only a two-minute walk from our retained office), which we use for meetings, breakout/collaboration session, training and conference calls.
We minimised our long term ‘space’ commitments and now enjoy the flexibility of a futureproofed occupational strategy

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