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Considering a
new workplace

considering a new workplace?

We’ll make it happen

What is your driver for considering a new move?

Perhaps you have:

  • Outgrown your existing premises
  • Considering a downsize
  • Need new premises
  • Facing an impending lease end
  • Or simply, you are looking for a new location which is more aligned with your brand and/or corporate personality.

Whatever your driver, talk to us.

We have almost 200 years’ experience of helping clients find and occupy premises which meet their unique mix of strategic, financial, occupational and brand goals, (be they micro companies, SMEs or major corporates). 

What’s more, we recently moved premises, so we understand the acquisition cycle intimately, as we’ve experienced every step of that journey.

For us, the cornerstones on that journey are:

Defining the brief is key

Researching & accurate costing all options is critical

Ensuring all employees’ ‘buy-in’ of the preferred option is paramount

Financial & logistics management is imperative

Our team of specialists can help you navigate this odyssey and emerge with a workplace which ticks all your corporate and financial boxes, as well as create a place your customers and employees will want to visit.

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