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Thinking strategically about your ideal premises – beyond the question ‘how much space do we need’ – is how we add value to clients looking for a new place to work.

We know that there are profound ‘brand value’ issues which need to be considered at the outset, such as:

  • What is the ideal location for us. One which best meets:
    • Our organisational requirements
    • The expectations of existing and future team members
  • Where and what type of space will reflect the culture of our company
  • Will it articulate our brand personality

There are also pragmatic issues to address such as:

  • Looking for a site which meets all your criteria (from security to easy access to a Strategic Road Network)
  • Accessibility - in terms of easy access to strategic road networks, as well as employees’ commute to work and easy access to social and leisure facilities
  • Health and Safety planning
  • Will the new space be conducive to collaboration between teams and with your partners
  • Will productivity be impacted – either by improving it, or by reducing factors which impair it
  • How effective is the broadband connection

Our consultants start by understanding what works best for your organisation’s culture, team and brand.

As every organisation is unique, our tailored approach ensures that any decision you make about (probably) your second largest outgoing will be informed and as future-proofed as possible.

We can help your leadership team make smart choices, based on good intel and accurate cost profiling

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