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The four key
drivers to moving

We’ll take the pain out of the process

Size and purpose

What is the optimum size for your new premises – for today & tomorrow

  • What is the ideal site size and (‘shed’) volume you require
  • What are your ideal level of security and services/facilities (CCTV, EV charging, concreted surfaces, etc)
  • How will your new premises reflect your ‘brand values’
  • Hybrid working – what is your ideal in-office/WFA* mix
  • What is your ideal desk-to-meeting space mix

… we will help define your requirements to meet your business, financial and brand goals.

*Work From Anywhere


Your choice of location can have serious operational and financial ramifications, as well as make a brand statement - so choose wisely.

Strategic Imperative: what works best for your business and your team.

Strategic Imperative: what works best for the team and the business


  • Your team’s and stakeholders’ objectives
  • Access to road networks, public transport and parking accessibility.

… questions we ask to understand your brief.


Rent, business rates, service charge, utilities charges… some headline costs you will automatically consider. 

Also think about:

  • Costs associated with meeting environmental legislation and regulations
  • Dilapidations - on current premises
  • Contractual obligations
  • Pre-acquisition surveys
  • Fit-out and broadband connectivity costs.

... we will help identify all (property) costs, negotiate the best terms, minimise longer-term liabilities.


Moving is a major drain on resources – and a distraction from your core business.

  • Leave it until the eleventh hour and mistakes will be made and liabilities overlooked
  • Consider the cost to the person/team masterminding the move – stress, sleepless nights, anxiety, the lot

... helping clients move to new premises is our job – what we do day in, day out.

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