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Project monitoring - for funders, landlords and occupiers

We represent our clients’ interests in connection with projects undertaken by developers, landlords or tenants.

We ensure their legal interests are represented and safeguarded, by monitoring every step of the design and construction process.

Identifying and assessing potential risks throughout the life of a project provides our clients with the assurance they need that the risk profile of their project falls within their expectations and, in the case of a funder, the lending covenants.

A Project Monitor should be appointed as early as possible, as this optimises the value he/she adds and ensures that risks management is optimised. The project monitoring role typically includes:

  • An initial review of the feasibility of the design, budget and implementation programme - including matters of influence such as planning, rights to light, etc.
  • Reviewing and assessing the design and build bids
  • Advising our client accordingly and supporting their decision on selecting the most appropriate contractor
  • Providing regular progress and drawdown reports, as well as an assessment of ongoing risks

Our expertise and experience includes commercial, industrial and residential projects.

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